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NextStep: 5 tips to getting most of it

Do you still remember the ritual of grabbing a cab? How hard was to stop one in the middle of a busy street? Or just that long wait when you are already late to the airport? Yes, it was a real drama. Luckily, our lives are much easier now. We have Uber, Taxify and so many other digital platforms at the distance of a finger stroke.

This is just an example, but there are many other ways, in which digital transformation came to revolutionize the way we live and do business. Still, this transformation wasn’t an easy process. It took time and required the right tools. And these are two main ingredients for a successful digital project plan. Which tools should we use? How much time and resources will we need? How quickly can we deploy the product?


Meet Outsystems NextStep 2018

Nothing is more exciting than finding those answers in an inspirational and sharing environment. This is what you’ll find at Outsystems NextStep 2018. At NextStep you will have access to tech industry leaders who can share valuable information and experiences that can help you find a solution for your problems. You will also be able to take advantage of learning sessions that will show you new ways of tackling your digital transformation challenges.

 How to make the most of it?

During our process of preparation for NextStep 2018 we realized that we needed a strategy to get the most out of the conference. Quickly we understand that this was valuable information worth to share with the world! Therefore, we’ve created a guide explaining how to prepare, enjoy and get the most of this game changer event.

  1. Notice and get noticed

The Outsystems community has that family feeling that you can’t find anywhere else. So, the probability to run into an old client or developer friend is tremendously high. Let them know beforehand that you’ll be at the event and schedule a slot to make sure you meet them!

NextStep meeting

Meeting new people must be a goal. So, reach out to interesting people over Linkedin before the event. Contact them and try to set up short meetings between conferences.

  1. Get smart about your game plan

Do your own schedule of talks you want to attend and set alarms in your phone so you don’t miss them. Outsystems is showcasing an APP that will help you it this. Don’t forget to download it! It is available for Android an iOS.

Apart of reconnect and networking, learning from the best must be a priority. Dive deep into the agenda and select the most interesting subjects to your business or your projects.

This is a one of the most important steps of your game plan because it will define all your schedule. Make sure you have a clear and clever strategy. Here is the agenda, start planning! Hey, but wait… let us share some more tips and tricks!

NextStep Boston 2018 was only a week ago. Some exciting news were announced but more is to come. I was disappointed not being there to watch Victor Fong talking about Deconstructing DevOps. However, I’ll ensure that I grab a sit right in front of António Alegria to know more about Future of Coding.

  1. Booth crawl time!

A big part of NextStep is to crawl over the amazing booths at the arena. Being able to talk personally with organizations that are revolutionizing the world of low-code is remarkable. As a senior developer and team leader, it is very important to share experiences and connect with developers, hoping to bring fresh ideas to the projects I’m involved.

This is also a good opportunity to start partnerships and trusted relationships with potential customers. Time to get your business cards out!

  1. Networking, Networking, Networking

With thousands of people around, the ones you want to talk to won’t just show up and engage with you. You need to make the first move and approach them in an enjoyable and engaging way. Nail down your “Tell me about yourself” answer and prep some non-work questions or ice breakers for networking when you meet someone new. Having trouble deciding how to introduce yourself? Here are some tips to help you make a great first impression. Use those tips and rock the NextStep Networking Reception and breaks!

Hopefully you will be meeting a great deal of different people, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot remember them all. Add notes on business cards directly after meeting people. Make specific notes. It will help you remember them a few days later, back in the office.

  1. Swag it up!

Every year I’m thrilled to know what the swag is. I’m anxiously waiting for my Neo action figure, but until then I’ll rock with my backpack with a couple of badge pins shared with NextStep attendees. Sounds silly but these are gifts that I keep as a recollection of my journey as an Outsystems developer.

NEO Outsystems - NextStep 2018

Summing up

NextStep is an event to find inspiration from hearing firsthand how other companies are using Outsystems, connect with thought leaders for cutting-edge perspectives on IT challenges and best practices, and learn about new Outsystems features. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you can’t miss it!


PS., Outsystems 11 release brought a lot of new features and I’m excited to share my thoughts about it. Soon… Stay tuned!

Marcelo Ferreira

Introvert that loves to solve problems and knows a thing or two about Outsystems.