Welcome to NearBlog!


Welcome to Near Partner Blog. It’s great to have you here.

Many times we said things like: “Hey, why don’t we share this with anyone else? Why just talk about it between us?” That’s why, instead of just keeping these conversations for ourselves, we’ve decided to “go public” and share some of those thoughts in this blog!

Since you’re here, let me tell you what you can expect from our blog. Here we will write about our technical work and we’ll let you know a little bit about us and our team.

Every once and a while people ask us about the holy trinity: Vision, Mission and Values. So, if we are introducing ourselves, let’s take that out of the way. We believe that, many times, these credos are much ado about nothing. That said, it’s not very likely for you to see on our website (or this blog, for that matter) a statement of those. Does this mean we don’t stand for anything? Nope. On the contrary. If you want to talk the talk you have to walk the walk. So, we prefer to let you know what we do and how we do it. From there, you will make your mind about what we actually stand for, every day. Who we are, not who we say we want to be.

On our blog you will be able to learn about the methodologies we use on our projects. Yes, we are fans of agile. Not for agile sake, but because we have experienced first-hand the pros and cons. We have been delivering software and tech projects for a while now. For us, agile methodologies are the means, not the goal. Don’t expect orthodoxy in implementing Scrum “by the book”. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. We check each project as unique and act accordingly.

Technology-wise we are agnostics. Hopefully, our posts reflect it 😉

This does not mean every programming language is the same. Nor that you can flip a coin to decide what tools you will use on each project. It means we value more the result than the technologies we use to get there. While choosing the technology to use we have to consider many factors. There’s the client, the project, the objectives or the type of application intended.

The client already has systems and applications using some old-school language? We will abide to that. Are there known hurdles in the way that lean us towards some type of solution? We must discuss the problem with the client.

We value the comfort and happiness of our team. We have the brightest minds working with us. We must treat them as such. Responsible people should have the liberty to make their own decisions. We think that will be self-evident from our posts. From time to time, you will have to excuse us for our vanity in showing our satisfaction. We don’t show off to cause envy – it’s pure and innocent joy that we want to share with you.

If we laugh and play, does that conflict with our effectiveness and professionalism? Not at all. We value productivity and efficiency. We work hard, and we play hard. And our clients thank us for the result of that 😀

As with everything, this is funnier with you. We hope you can join the conversation. Let us know how you feel.

Pedro Veloso

I'm a serial entrepreneur and a (quasi-serial) father. I'm particularly fond of technology, solving problems and team culture, and my life lies at the intersection of those interests.

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