Salesforce Developer’s Community: welcome to Lisbon!

Communities are a great way to collaborate and share information. If you’re a developer, I’m sure that at some point you’ve been stuck with a problem and asked for help online, am I right? Whether is it a portal, a help forum or a support site, an online community is a great place for you to connect with fellow developers, who are happy to give a hand!

Salesforce Trailblazer Community

In Salesforce technology this is no exception. We call it the Trailblazer Community, a bunch of diverse groups around the globe, intended to help connect Trailblazers, who live in your city, work in similar roles and industries, or share your special interests.

That’s why our Salesforce Team leader—Newton Calvin, took the initiative and founded the Trailblazer Community Group for developers in Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon Salesforce Developer’s Community

This is a focused group on development, architectural and other discussions linked with Salesforce platform. The goal is to join like-minded Salesforce developers who want to help others succeed on the Salesforce platform, no matter the seniority.

According to Newton, the main goal of this group is to boost software development technology in Salesforce among professionals in Lisbon.

“We welcome experts, new developers and students to the Salesforce technology, who want to learn how to build apps and integrate other cloud platforms with Salesforce,” said the Community Group Leader.

As a leader, Newton is excited to share new ideas and best practices to build smarter and faster apps. Meetings, workshops, hands-on activities, icebreakers and social activities, will happen frequently to boost innovation and improving the skills among the local developer’s community.


2019 Salesforce Global Developer Week

To debut the Lisbon developer’s group, we have the 2019 Global Developer Week. At this event, Developer Groups around the globe will come together to learn about Lightning Web Components, a new programming model for building Lightning components.

Lisbon will not an exception. On January 28th, we will learn more about how the Lightning Web Components leverages the web standards breakthroughs of the last five years, delivers unparalleled performance, and coexists and inter-operates with all existing Lightning components. Near Partner and Premium Minds will host the event and you are more than welcome to join! 

Do you want to know more about LWC or share some knowledge and expertise? RSVP for this meeting now!

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