What is an extended team and why you might need one

What is an extended team and why you might need one

Most companies struggle to reinforce their development team at market speed and with the right skill set.
That’s where an extended team comes in.

Picture this: you need some help for your development department. Coders are struggling with the amount of work they’re assigned. Programmers type as hard as they can. And coffee mugs just pile up in the sink. Creating a coding dream team right off the bat is difficult. This is where extended teams come into play.

What is an extended team?

An extended team is an extra pair of hands for your in-house team.
The extended team model is a form of outsourcing that involves closer proximity, communication, and cooperation between the in-house team and the outsourced team.

Instead of having a totally separate team on a certain project(s), companies reinforce their in-house team, while maintaining total control over the project and having staff involved in all aspects.
But an extended team is only one modality of the ETM, or Extended Team Model. There are several kinds of collaboration.

What are the key benefits of the extended team model?

The extended team model presents several benefits for businesses looking to expand their talent pool at speed

  • ETM complements your team, it does not replace it. The extended team model means that the in-house teams are constantly updated on what is going on and learn from the outsourced team. They can later deploy internally and teach others what they’ve learned.
  • Focus and priority. The extended team model assures that the focus will be totally on your business, and your priorities are our priorities.
  • Wide talent pool. With an outsourced team, your business has access to international talent that could otherwise be unavailable or difficult to reach.
  • Time savings. Recruiting great IT talent is hard work. But not with the extended team model, since you have an on-demand plug-and-play IT development team readily available.
  • Scalable development capacity. Should your project’s needs change, your extended team can also change, either by scaling up or down.

Extended Team models at Near Partner

At Near Partner we work with several models of nearshore. This is our way of work with customers all over the world in a nutshell.

Extended Team

Our extended team acts as an extension of your in-house staff, not as a replacement. The collaboration in this model relies on providing additional business and technical expertise to your team, bridging skill gaps in your core staff.

That being said, you and your business keep complete control over whichever project or task is at hand. The communication between you, your in-house team, and our extended team is continuous and direct. Your staff and our off-site developers function as a single tight-knit unit.

As a result, all team members (both in-house and outsourced) share responsibility. Both teams are equally invested in building the product, and both teams are equally responsible for its success or failure.

Managed Team

A managed team, which in the end acts as an extension of your current team, works slightly differently from the Extended Team model. After outlining the project requirements – in terms of skills, number of team members, timeframe, etc – we assign a dedicated team and the team members’ respective roles (Software Developers, PM’s, Engineers, or others) to your business.

While the managed team can work closely with your in-house team, the level of collaboration is for you to decide. However, all responsibility and accountability for the project lie at our end. We will build the product and focus on providing the expected results.

Basically, we assume the management of an area or process, but report directly to you and to your business.

Project Team

The third kind of the ETM at Near Partner is the Project Team. This means that you, as our client, share your vision and product requirements with our team. Our skilled programmers will then help refine the concept by assessing your solution’s goals, scope, limitations, and target personas, and assume the execution and management of said project.

This means settling on a schedule that includes key milestones, timeline estimates, delivery schedule, and budget requirements. But although the execution and management are up to us, you and your business will always be engaged with our team in regular meetings and presentations, and a dedicated Project Manager will always be there to inform you on the progress, and to answer any question or issue you may have.

At Near Partner we have your ideal extended team

Our team at Near Partner is a pool of highly qualified engineers and developers, with several areas of expertise and years of experience in different sectors. Paired with our clients’ wishes, we are able to rapidly build complete teams, ready to work on your projects, from project management to testing. Our teams will ramp up your software development capabilities and reduce time-to-market. Are your projects moving faster than your company can manage them? Fret not, we’ll help you speed up the workflow.

All in all, at Near Partner we see ourselves as true partners, meaning we devote ourselves to our clients’ business endeavors, sharing in the culture, the challenges and the achievements. This is what we have been doing for the last four years.

Get your hands on our free eBook “Outsourcing 101”, and clear all the doubts you might have about outsourcing. Or, better yet, get in touch and let us advise you and help you find the best solution for your business.

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