QMC success story with Salesforce

QMC’s Success Story

QMC Overview

QMC is a leading Telecom company with global operations and over 2,400 assets.
They design and build telecommunications towers, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells for telecommunications operators.
But this global presence presented unique challenges in managing complex sales processes and project implementation.
This is their story with Near Partner.

Why we chose Near Partner

QMC designs wireless infrastructures that incorporate innovative technologies such as 5G, smart cities, IoT, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. They work with an array of customers, such as municipalities, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and airports, to provide users with faster and more reliable communication capabilities. They relied on Near Partner to improve their sales and implementation process. It was a massive challenge that spanned across almost every area of the company, several continents, and many time zones. Here’s how we helped QMC bring people together.

Near Partner bridged a technological
gap inside our organization and stirred a cultural shift that we still feel today.

Jose Javier Martinez


Analyzing our problem

From a Sales standpoint, QMC needed to allow staff to manage their leads, proposals and contracts, and easily keep up with status updates. For the people in the field, the problem was how to plan, follow-up and report on installations and maintenance activities around the world. After designing an aggregate vision for these processes, the next challenge was building the underlying workflow and software that would make it come true. A huge undertaking that touched almost every area of the company, from finance to quality assurance and operations. Here’s how we did it.

Creating a Solution for QMC

We began by focusing on the sales process. We deployed Salesforce and Sitetracker, two technologies that allowed the sales process to be managed with ease but required customization for QMC’s specific needs. With these two technologies in place, QMC could deploy the sales process, which includes customer insights, business opportunities and established contracts. This automated way of working has replaced what was once a manual process. Data is no longer stored without structure, and a centralized database allows for better organization and automation. We then set our sights on improving the operations process. By developing a new workflow and application to support project implementation, our team improved tasks control, reporting and maintenance status. With this solution, onboarding of new employees vital to QMC’s growth follows a standardized path. The existence of a centralized data structure, where organization and security are key, is the main advantage.

Sitetracker is the leading project management solution on Salesforce and a Telecom and Utilities global standard. It is a cloud-based SaaS platform created for deploying, operating, and servicing critical infrastructure and technology. Perfect for managing high-volume distributed projects with accurate real-time data on one easy-to-use platform.

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The US-based company achieved this status by uniting marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams with one integrated platform that powers an entire suite of connected apps.


The Results

As of today, the application has 273 users, including QMC employees and outsourced workers. The benefits of implementing this solution were notable, not only for QMC’s bottom line but also for the staff involved in the projects. With a centralized database of projects, information is quickly shared among users and reports are available in real time. But above all, the project stirred a cultural change. Near Partner’s staff worked together with QMC’s team to promote a new way of working, innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset that will remain with the company long after the project ends.

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