MuleSoft: what is and why it matters

MuleSoft is a leading integration platform that connects multiple
data sources and systems with ease. Here is why it is so transformative.

In 2021, organizations worldwide were using over 100 software as a service (SaaS) applications – over 6 times the number of apps just 2 years before. With a simple interface, MuleSoft connects different sources to transform chaotic streams of data into useful, actionable insights and a single source of truth. Get to know this software platform and how it may become your data analysts’ new best friend. Dive into it:

What is MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is a platform that connects data, applications and devices in every environment. It stands out as one of the most popular integration platforms available, and can unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices. It enables teams to make smarter and faster decisions, and offers highly connected experiences for end-users. Crucially, MuleSoft offers a pre-built connector into Salesforce for seamless integration.

Why choose MuleSoft?

The main reason to choose MuleSoft for an integration project is its ‘Plug and Play’ connections with the most popular business platforms. It can integrate marketing applications and social media platforms, CRM solutions such as Salesforce, or emailing platforms like MS Outlook, just to name a few.
It is also very easy to use – which means speedier onboarding of new partners and support. MuleSoft is also great for developers, and the MuleSoft’s API means it is possible to find new ways to access legacy applications and various data sources. In short, MuleSoft allows organizations to concentrate on their core goals.

MuleSoft provides security features like access control, encryption, role-based access control, secure APIs, threat protection, and compliance to ensure the security of applications and data.

MuleSoft in action, from Retail to Healthcare

Here are some examples of how MuleSoft can accelerate organizations’ digital transformation journey‎.

Retail: making the most of customer data

MuleSoft can empower retail companies to unlock data from systems such as ERP or CRM to activate digital projects faster. There are several pre-built APIs, connectors, implementation templates, and reference architecture to create 360º customer profiles. For example, a retailer of outdoor adventure gear and apparel can assemble content on a country’s destinations and make it accessible through an API, unleashing new creative uses for the data. The retailer may then make recommendations based on customer-selected criteria and cross-reference them with weather, lodging and restaurants on the area. So, MuleSoft can help retailers provide a bespoke experience across different communication channels.

Finance: banking on data integration

MuleSoft can unlock banking and insurance platforms by providing customers with a more connected experience. For instance, MuleSoft can build a single holistic view of each customer – and provide custom advice on their investment portfolio based on their activity. The onboarding process can also benefit from MuleSoft, as it allows opening new online accounts swiftly and securely–as opposed to traditional, time-consuming procedures. Besides, lenders can scale loan processes by streamlining customers’ data reviewing processes. All with out-of-the-box connectors for various lending systems.

Healthcare: smarter diagnoses and speedier data collection

MuleSoft can help patients as they collect and report data — such as blood-sugar levels for a patient with diabetes. As a result, doctors can have real-time access to more relevant information and make more precise and timely diagnoses. MuleSoft’s data can also be used to provide patients will a complete view of their medical records, doctors with a global view of their patients and HR managers with predictions of staffing requirements in a given day. Such complete data increases patient engagement and satisfaction, improves care coordination and speeds up critical information for healthcare professionals.

Choosing the right partner for MuleSoft integration

Now that you know what MuleSoft is, it is essential to have the right partner to ensure MuleSoft implementation. We have a large pool of Salesforce developers, consultants and engineers, ready to help you go further and faster. Get in touch!

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