We’re officially an innovative company! (according to COTEC)

Innovation is part of our DNA and it shows:
we are officially innovative, according to COTEC business association.

We’re happy to announce that Near Partner is officially an innovative company, according to COTEC Portugal, that specializes in enterprise innovation. It’s an honour and a pleasure to receive this distinction!


COTEC Portugal is the main Portuguese business association for innovation and technological cooperation, founded in 2003. COTEC Portugal works closely with its Spanish and Italian counterparts to help formulate research and innovation policies in the European Union, promoting technological innovation and cooperation between institutes, associations, universities, scientific bodies, foundations, and research and training centres, as well as technological and scientific competitiveness.

The COTEC INOVADORA Statute was created in 2021 and is awarded to companies with high standard of financial stability, operation efficiency, and technological innovation potential, in order to reward innovative performance. This year’s is the third edition of the INOVADORA awards. This year’s edition of COTEC’s INOVADORA received over a thousand applications from companies. Of these, 790 companies received the INOVADORA statute – Near Partner among them and one of just 80 companies younger than 10 years to have received it. Criteria includes financial stability, high performance, but mainly investment in Research & Development (R&D) activities.

What the INOVADORA Statute means to Near Partner

We are really proud of ourselves as a team for this award. Through our almost six years of existence, we’ve seen a bit of everything, having to push through uncertainties, doubts, and quick changes. In these turbulent years, we’ve had one constant: the work we do. And one thing that keeps us going is our devotion to innovation.

While recognition is great, our goals continue to be innovation, growth, improvement. Having received this statute only motivates us more to exceed our own expectations.  We’ll wear this badge with pride, but we will never stop doing our very best.

Need a partner on your business’ journey through innovation?

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