Embracing industry trends: Outsystems ONE Conference

The ONE Conference stands out as a much-anticipated event for the OutSystems community,
and this year’s edition lived up to all expectations. Marcelo Ferreira was one of the stars of the show.

In the rapidly evolving scene of technology and digital transformation, staying ahead of the curve is essential. It’s a challenge that companies and IT professionals face on a daily basis as they navigate the dynamic world of innovation. Participating in industry events and conferences, like OutSystems’ ONE Conference, is essential to ensure that Near Partner remains at the forefront of delivering inspiring digital experiences.

The ONE Conference stands out as a highly anticipated annual technology event within the OutSystems community, and this year’s edition lived up to all expectations. Our Head of Outsytems and Outsystems MVP, Marcelo Ferreira, was part of the enriching panel that shared knowledge with the community over two amazing days.

As Marcelo remarked it was “awesome to meet everyone again after many years of online events. The Outsystems community is spectacular and is the main reason why Outsystems remains at the top. It was fantastic to see all the evolution that the OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) has undergone in recent months.”

Marcelo’s overview of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

Marcelo’s talk was about how to unlock the power of event-driven architecture in Outsystems, which fitted in perfectly with all the dizzying evolution that the ODC is experiencing. EDA is a powerful pattern for building scalable systems and stands out for independence, flexibility, simplified troubleshooting, and the invaluable reusability of components, establishing itself as a versatile and highly efficient system design choice. This architectural approach thrives in scenarios demanding real-time data processing, scalable operations, seamless communication within microservices, efficient handling of intricate workflows, and rapid adaptability to evolving conditions.

Insights from our OutSystems developers

Henrique Gaspar, OutSystems Developer at Near Partner, reinforces that keeping up with new trends is key in this fast-paced environment. “These events are a good way to get a grip on how our sector is doing and what’s next in the future. Being surrounded by like-minded people in a place where we can learn from their challenges and experience.”

Miguel Pereira, also an Outsystems Developer at Near Partner, doubles down on the importance of these meetings “No boring stuff! The One’s conference was very focused on what developers can do to improve the quality of their work with subjects like caring for performance and having a well-defined security mindset.” Beatriz Sabino, a fellow Outsystems Developer, is looking forward to next year’s edition: “Attending the ONE conference was a fantastic experience. It was inspirational and helped me see how to better leverage OutSystems’s potential in my work.”

Near Partner taking the lead

Low-Code is a powerful match with major advantages for businesses of all sizes. Marcelo Ferreira, our Head of OutSystems, is at the forefront of recent developments in the field. His regular contributions, such as the recent talk at One’s conference, earned him the coveted OutSystems’ MVP status (Most Valuable Professionals). If you want to deep dive into what Outsystems can do for your business, connect with us.

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