Navigating Certification Excellence

We’re not going to lie, we feel comforted by the impressive number of certifications we’ve obtained.
But excellence demands much more. This is where we believe the sweet spot is.

In the whirlwind of the tech world, certifications have become the mighty shields wielded by professionals to conquer new horizons. At Near Partner, we try very hard to be mindful of personal development and professional growth. We always find that certifications are a great way to create some lifeline for learning. 

This journey to empower our talented team has many roads, and there are many paths one goes through: there are hard skills and soft skills; there are new techniques and frameworks; and there are emotional challenges and communication ability. We don’t take a stance of a “one size fits all” for learning, but we definitely think that certifications play an important role. 

But does it really?  

Certifications are no substitute for real-world experience

It’s true that certifications are not a panacea to all the problems one might find. We are aware that certifications, most of the time, lack real-world experience. And we are aware that practical experience and hands-on abilities are also valuable indicators of competence, sometimes more important than the possession of a certification. 

We also know that certifications tend to follow a standardized curriculum and assessment process, and therefore someone with a certification might be narrowly looking to a fixed set of situations that, most of the times, will nor reflect reality and might even hinder creativity, adaptability, and innovation. 

That’s why we try to create an environment where certifications reflect some part of the path needed to the progression of an individual. Considered alone it is a faulty tool. Integrated in a development plan it becomes invaluable. 

Empowering our Partners 

We believe in recognizing and supporting our people. Certifications play an important role in making our partners feel valued, celebrated and equipped to tackle a coding challenge. The credentials serve as motivational fuel, propelling our team to surpass their limits and deliver solutions that exceed the expectations. That’s why, every month on our all-hands meeting we applaud those who got a certification, whatever it might be. 

Certifications also strengthen the bonds within our team. As our partners earn these prestigious badges, trust in their abilities and expertise grows. Sometimes trust in oneself. 

Becoming a certified professional requires a blend of technical proficiency and essential soft skills. At Near Partner, we emphasize the cultivation of both aspects, molding our team members into well-rounded experts. Our certified professionals possess not only the technical prowess to tackle complex coding challenges but also the collaborative spirit, effective communication, and adaptability necessary for successful project execution. 

We take pride in the achievements of our certified champions. Our experts have acquired a range of certifications across various technologies, including OutSystems, Salesforce, Angular, React, Microsoft Azure, and Project Management. These certifications demonstrate their dedication, hard work, and expertise in their respective fields. Collectively, our certified professionals form a formidable force, ready to take on any software endeavor. 

Responsibility and freedom to achieve trust and growth

Certifications are one of the keys that unlock the potential within our team, fortify trust, foster growth, and set us apart in the software realm. We will continue celebrating the accomplishments of our certified champions and continue to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development. We believe that by giving our partners the time, flexibility and freedom to explore their own growth responsibly, they can find purpose and value in what they do. This is how we believe we can continue to grow as a team that we trust for any challenge. Join us on this journey and conquer new challenges. 

Pedro Veloso

I'm a serial entrepreneur and a (quasi-serial) father. I'm particularly fond of technology, solving problems and team culture, and my life lies at the intersection of those interests.