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OutSystems Morpheus: where AI and low-code meet

OutSystems Morpheus will bring AI power to the leading low-code platform.
Find out why and how it can be game-changing for your business.

Decision-makers from a range of industries gathered in Lisbon last month for a first-hand glimpse of something truly exciting. And Next Step Exec, a low-code conference by OutSystems, did not disappoint: “Project Morpheus”, the new generative AI tool for low-code development, is coming. Buckle up:

OutSystems is a leading low-code platform. From its foundation over two decades ago, it has been set on continuous focus on innovation and democratising app development and enterprise-grade software by making it available to developers, business users and decision makers who may not have a development/tech background.

With OutSystems Morpheus, OutSystems’ generative AI tool for enterprise-grade application development, this mission just got a big boost. It will effectively enable AI to build apps from scratch. It comes packed with a host of exciting features, from visual representations of code to the ability to build entirely new apps on command.

How OutSystems Morpheus will change how apps are made

OutSystems Morpheus is essentially a love story between generative AI, machine learning, cloud computing and low-code, where all of these technologies come together to help develop, edit, and extend mission-critical applications. Some features include:

  • Building apps from conversational prompts: OutSystems Morpheus will make it possible to build apps from entirely natural language inputs. This means that Morpheus will allow decision makers such as C-suite executives, managements, though leaders, and other key stakeholders outside the realm of IT – to create first drafts of applications entirely from human language.
  • AI-powered code editing: OutSystems Morpheus will be equipped with an AI-powered app editor that can suggest changes and improvements to apps and code to improve the business value of the application.
  • Visual representation of Gen AI outputs: app-makers and ultimately developers will be able to visualise and validate generative AI outputs with visual representations such as code diagrams that show the structure and flow of the generated code, UI prototypes as a preview of what the final product looks like, or even data visualisations, for better assessment.
  • Integration with a range of Gen AI and natural language processing tools: this feature can be used for a myriad of results, like translating natural language into code to generate product designs, marketing copy, creative content, and so on.

But wait, are you still pondering if your business really needs AI or Machine Learning? The question now is not exactly to need or not, but rather if you want to take advantages of its potential – and reap the benefits.

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Why OutSystems Morpheus can be a game changer for your business

If you are thinking that OutSystems Morpheus sounds pretty convenient and practical – you are 100% right. Morpheus has the potential to make your life as a decision maker for a business easier in a lot of ways, both from a managerial and development point of view.

  • Increased productivity: OutSystems Morpheus enables developers to produce code more quickly.
  • Improved quality: developers will be able to validate their progress and/or present it to leadership via AI-generated visual representations of code and apps. This will allow for faster and more consistent check-ups during development.
  • Fast Time-to-Market: applications (and other software) can now be developed more quickly with the help of the watchful eye of Morpheus, as well as automated code generation, IU prototyping, and data visualisation. Do you know how enterprise-grade low-code can speed up time to market?
  • Reduced costs: aside from faster time to market, Morpheus cuts costs by making app testing, editing and scaling more agile.
  • More innovation: ultimately, OutSystems Morpheus fosters innovation within an organisation, be it by providing developers with an ecosystem of generative AI tools to work with, by allowing key stakeholders to participate more actively in the process of development, or even by automating code-related tasks, freeing up more time to focus on creative and strategic aspects of development.

Making the most of OutSystems Morpheus

Morpheus is a promising, exciting addition to OutSystems, but as with any tool, you need to be able to wield it correctly to make use of all its might. This requires knowledge, experience and prudence in using it. Besides, organisations should be familiar with generative AI before they can use Morpheus effectively and leverage its applications.

OutSystems Morpheus is still in development, but its announcement is just a hint of what’s coming. Morpheus is about to change the way organisations develop, build, and even idealise software. At Near Partner, we are strong believers that one should not “just” adapt to change, but help drive it, in order to stay ahead. We’ve been constantly pushing the boundaries of what OutSystems can do, and we are ready to chart this new exhilarating territory. We understand that success in the digital age demands more than just a “one-size fits all” type of solution; it requires a partner who can co-create and innovate with you.

Get in touch with Near Partner and let us be that partner for you. Ask about our OutSystems services – or just about anything, really. Let’s work together on something great.

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