A look back at Near Partner’s top 6 articles in 2023

Near Partner has been offering insights and expertise in topics ranging from Salesforce, OutSystems and Software Development to Project Management and Business Digital Strategy. Let’s revisit the top 6 articles that resonated the most with our audience, offering valuable insights for businesses navigating the digital ecosystem.

Happy new year? 7 key challenges for 2024

This time last year, few could have predicted the remarkable pace of change we have all witnessed in 2023: huge advancements in generative AI, the metaverse, augmented reality, and so much more. These topics dominated the news, puzzled sceptics, and had business leaders around the world scratching their heads as to what it all meant for their businesses. For those of us who don’t own a crystal ball, here’s the fun bit: last year may well have been just the appetizer for even bigger things to come. This is what we can probably expect – and how to prepare – in 2024.

Building blocks of innovation: what is modular architecture

Ever since Henry Ford built the first Model T in 1913, managers, consultants, researchers and workers have been looking for ways of replicating that same logic elsewhere. Over 100 years later, coders are turning vision to reality, by reinterpreting the assembly line concept to their unique programming needs. The result is a leaner approach to IT projects, with shorter lead times and less tech debt. This is what modular architecture actually means for projects and why it matters.

What is Salesforce LWR?

Vibrant digital communities, self-service knowledge bases, engaging web portals with vital data and KPIs. These are just some of the broad applications of the new Salesforce Lightning Web Runtime (LWR). The long-awaited improvement on Experience Cloud is finally here and it features significant performance improvements, especially for large-scale applications, while maintaining high security standards and intuitive interface. This is what it means and why it could be a gamechanger.

OutSystems: 8 features you may not be aware of

OutSystems is a giant that keeps on growing, inviting everyone to embrace digital transformation. Reactive web applications, AI-assisted development, voice commands and progressive web apps are just some of the eye-popping OutSystems’ features that meet the development imperatives for success in the digital age. So, grab a seat and get ready to be amazed.

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MuleSoft: what is and why it matters

In 2021, organizations worldwide were using over 100 software as a service (SaaS) applications – over 6 times the number of apps just 2 years before. With a simple interface, MuleSoft connects different sources to transform chaotic streams of data into useful, actionable insights and a single source of truth. Get to know this software platform and how it may become your data analysts’ new best friend.

Managing Projects: our view on how to do it right

Project management, or the process of managing projects, can take many paths; it all depends on what type of projects you manage, what kind of business you’re in, and the background of those involved. It is always complex, no matter what the scale or scope. Managing projects is such a challenge that despite decades of methodologies, advice and books, around 75% IT projects keep failing. Reasons range from a poorly defined scope to inadequate vision or excess complexity. There is a lot that can go wrong and it takes a very special person to keep it on the right track – the Project Manager.

Here’s to another year of digital empowerment! 👋

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