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Outsystems developments
Software development is the art of using technology to solve problems. Do it faster and cheaper.
Nearshore solutions
Nearshoring is the practice of getting work done by people in neighbouring countries. We are your perfect partners.

Digital Transformation
Activate your digital potential. Whether you need to reshape your digital presence or develop new products: we can help you.
Nearshore Solutions
Extended Team

You already have an IT Team. But your roadmap requires you to enlarge the team quickly. Or you want to accelerate your developments.

Managed Team

This option is great if your business requires you to develop a new product or a new module. Or to develop a Proof of Concept or an MVP.

Specialist contract

You lack some skills on your team. Or there’s a particular expertise you don’t have and it’s not easy to find.

About us

Who are we?

We are a happy team of great technology people.

Near Partner is part of Premium Minds group. With more than 15 years of experience delivering projects for great clients worldwide, we can deliver the perfect solution for your problem.

More about Premium Minds
Software Excellence
From ideas to delivery. Our engineers will bring your product to life.

Why Us?
Lower rates and competitive costs mean you can reduce your operational costs and better control your business
With direct flights to most European Capitals and a great cultural environment, Lisbon is the coolest capital in Europe
We partner with top European IT Universities to keep growing with top software engineers

We can help you

We’ll get in touch, but we will not send you unsolicited emails.

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1050-052 Lisboa
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