Software development is the art of using technology to solve problems.  

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Nearshoring is the practice of getting work done by people in neighbouring countries.  

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Salesforce gives you the data you need, when and where you need it.  

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React vs Angular

Choosing a frontend framework can be a full-blown headache, and we know it. So lay back, relax, and let us make a side-by-side comparison of React vs. Angular.

Paula  |   2022-06-20  |   5 minutes read

Field Service Management App

An efficient field service management app saves time, money and a lot of mistakes. So why do so many businesses fail at creating them?

Válter  |   2022-06-08  |   5 minutes read

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Near Partner is a global software house, riding the most amazing wave of technological innovation. Here we value empowerment, a focus on results and ideas over hierarchies. At Near Partner we are always looking for bright, goal-driven, fun software engineers to join our dream team and ultimately become part of our family. If you have what it takes…

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