Software development is the art of using technology to solve problems.  

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Nearshoring is the practice of getting work done by people in neighbouring countries.  

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Salesforce gives you the data you need, when and where you need it.  

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This is what you can build with Lowcode platforms

Lowcode platforms and Lowcode developers have taken the business world by storm, and for excellent reasons.

Patrícia   |   2021-04-16    |   4 minutes read

what is CPQ in Salesforce?

By now, most business leaders have heard of Salesforce, the leading CRM in the world. But do you know what is CPQ in Salesforce?

Válter   |   2021-04-09    |   4 minutes read

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Near Partner is a global software house, riding the most amazing wave of technological innovation. Here we value empowerment, a focus on results and ideas over hierarchies. At Near Partner we are always looking for bright, goal-driven, fun software engineers to join our dream team and ultimately become part of our family. If you have what it takes…

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