This is what you can build with Lowcode platforms

This is what you can build with Lowcode platforms

Lowcode platforms and Lowcode developers have taken the business world by storm, and for excellent reasons.
This is how Lowcode is delivering on tall orders.

If Lowcode platforms are something new to you, fret not. Lowcode has simplicity at its core. Welcome to our Lowcode crash course.

 What are lowcode platforms?

Lowcode is a visual approach to software development that requires little to no coding skills in order to build simple applications and processes.

Lowcode platforms rely on a visual interface, with intuitive drag-and-drop features, to get apps and software off the ground at lightning speed. Users with no formal knowledge of programming or software development can create basic business and mobile applications in a few clicks.

You can take things further, with deeper customization, but you’ll probably need someone to guide you along the way. This is where we at Near Partner come in. We help innovative companies deploy Lowcode apps in record time. Just meet the team and let us when you’re ready to start.

But, when talking about Lowcode, it is nearly impossible not to mention Outsystems.

So, what is OutSystems, then?

For the longer, more complete version, check our OutSystems 101 guide. But in essence, OutSystems is one of the leading Lowcode platforms in the world. This cloud-run, enterprise grade, low-code platform is highly responsive, intuitive, and allows its users to create apps from scratch without the need of writing a single line of code.OutSystems lowcodeWe’re not alone in our regard for Outsystems. Gartner placed it in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform and Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms, multiple times. CODiE has repeatedly awarded distinctions like Best mobile Development Solution. What can we say? We aim for the créme de la créme of Lowcode development.


Top 3 benefits of Lowcode platforms for a business

And what are the major benefits of Lowcode for a business, you might ask?

#1. Speed.

One of the fundamental things a Lowcode platform delivers is fast and simple mobile and web application development and deployment. With OutSystems you can build a business application 4x faster than compared to traditional development. This is how enterprise-grade Lowcode speeds up Time-to-Market.

 #2. Seamless integration.

With a modular framework, Lowcode is optimal for a quick, seamless integration of a new app with legacy systems. And, in this case, OutSystems really is an integration monster—the best kind of monster, if you ask us! The (non-exhaustive) list of systems and programs the OutSystems integrates with is SAP, Salesforce, Azure, Active Directory, Oracle, SqlServer, MySQL, iDB2, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ZenDesk, Paypal, Twillio, Quickbooks, UPS, Okta, Box, DropBox, Amazon EC2, or Google Drive.

#3. Development and scalability made easy.

Lowcode platforms keep up with your organisation growth. It allows you to add more users and to bring in new departments and areas. Thanks to this modular feature of Lowcode platforms, such as Outsystems, this is not only possible but extremely easy. OutSystems is also cloud-based, which further simplifies and streamlines the growth and adaptation of your systems and apps.


What can you build with Lowcode platforms?

Spoiler alert: a lot.

Here are just a few examples of things you can achieve through Lowcode development and Lowcode platforms.


Well, this one is obvious. Need responsive innovation, customer experience improvements, an operational efficiency boost, or to migrate a legacy app? Said and done.


Your very own Backoffice that integrates with all the tools and systems you need, in order to streamline the management of your entire business and teams? Yes, please.


A Lowcode-based CRM will help your business by helping you and your teams optimise processes and keep track of customer satisfaction, journey, and experience.


And of course, a solid management of financial data and a detailed overview of the finance department are also little to no code away. The best part? They are fully customisable and scalable with a Lowcode platform.


Imagine custom-made modules and reports, automatic operational efficiency, streamlined coordination, cost reduction, data analysis… and perfect control over inventory, logistics, and case management, exactly customised to your business’ specific needs.


Outsystems x Near Partner a match made in the cloud(s)

Here at Near Partner, we are avid OutSystems enthusiasts, and our team has more than a few experienced OutSystems developers. These developers are completely at your and your business’ service, to guide you and support you in your Lowcode journey.

We help you develop, test, and deploy applications, train your teams and tailor your Backoffice and apps to business needs. In a nutshell, we provide the development and IT expertise so that your teams can build on their expertise in the most diverse business areas—without hiccups.

Still not sure how we can help you? Get in touch about our OutSystems services and ask us anything.

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