What is OutSystems?

What is OutSystems?

OutSystems is most definitely in vogue. It is easy, effective, quick, and cost-efficient. But exactly what is OutSystems? Here’s a quick recap

Today, thousands of businesses across 22 industries, from banking to pharmaceuticals, trust OutSystems. These happy customers around the world chose OutSystems as their low-code development platform. The largest Portuguese unicorn, valued at $9.5B, has also received praise from the good folks at Gartner and Forrester, several years in a row. A Community that started off small has now grown to over 300 thousand contributors. All this hype has led to the rise of a new profession, that of an OutSystems developer.

But, as successful as it may seem, what magic platform is this?

What is OutSystems?

We could go on and on about what OutSystems is. For the sake of this conversation, let’s jump right in:

OutSystems is an enterprise grade low-code development platform that allows its users to build responsive applications faster. Basic tasks require little to no coding knowledge. But more complex endeavours will benefit from an experienced pair of hands.

So why did we choose OutSystems? Because it enables us to go about developing in an intuitive and visual environment, sometimes even through Drag & Drop. In some situations, you can drag the modules you want, and create an app from scratch. It saves time and ensures quality from the onset.

 OutSystems Quickly Create Screens and Menus on Reactive Web | OutSystems

Quickly Create Screens and Menus on Reactive Web | By OS


The platform integrates easily with existing systems and allows users to customise it with their own code if they so need or want. Easy as it sounds, taking things a step further might require support from a skilled team. This is where we come in. From Portugal to the world, we specialize in software development to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost. Our team has the know-how to power you at every stage of your project development life cycle, from scratch to launch. Get to know us.


Let’s dig a little deeper into OS and see why it could be a game changer for your business.

Advantages and key functionalities

Definitions aside, OutSystems is not just an app development platform. Here are a few of its major benefits for businesses:


Making a responsive app is easier with OutSystems. That goes for mobile apps as well. If you’re looking for a bulletproof way to get your iOS or Android up and running in no time, OutSystems is the way to go.

Flexible integration

OutSystems platform integrates easily with any system, web service, database, or app. The platform offers interfaces to programs and systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Azure, Active Directory, Oracle, SqlServer, MySQL, iDB2, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ZenDesk, Paypal, Twillio, Quickbooks, UPS, Okta, Box, DropBox, Amazon EC2, Google Drive… You name it.

Rapid development and deployment reduce the total development time of an app from several to a couple of months. With its “keep it simple” attitude, OutSystems enables developers to handle changes in a few days or even in a few minutes. As a result, OutSystems can lead to a 75% reduction in development-associated costs and up to 4 times faster development!

See how enterprise-grade low-code speeds up time-to-market.


One thing that OutSystems doesn’t have is vendor lock-in. Yep, you can expand the platform easily with extensions or even by adding your own code. All modules are open-code, and the community contributes to the OutSystems Forge repository–there are thousands of contributions already.

We have already done some interesting customization projects, here is one of them: Can I Have Custom Dashboards in OS Applications?


Need to grow? No sweat. OutSystems architecture supports both vertical and horizontal scalability. Depending on your and your business’ needs, you can increase server requests or the number of users without delaying response time.

Monitoring and Metrics

OutSystems built-in tools make monitoring and troubleshooting as easy as ever. You can visualise analytics about the user experience, see logs of apps, collect, and manage users’ feedback, audit IT tasks and usage, while also having access to metrics on performance.


And… the major concern for many, security. OutSystems is a very secure platform, out of the box. It provides built-in security technologies that support the entire application development process, stable code patterns that protect against vulnerabilities, and automatic software security that identifies risks.

Since OutSystems is scalable, integrative, expandable and customisable, you bet there are modules and solutions for every type of business. Explore OutSystems Forge and see for yourself!

Full portability

OutSystems can run in its own cloud or any other public or private cloud. As a user, you are free from any provider, as the platform is fully portable. Why? Because OutSystems generates every module in its toolbox via open development stacks.

Still unsure of how and where OutSystems can help your business? Browse some success cases and customer stories.

Get to know how low-code solutions can help with growth-hacking.

More questions about what is OutSystems, how to use it, or how to get started? Get in touch! Here at Near Partner we love OutSystems so much that we have a dedicated team of OutSystems specialists. Talk to us about our OutSystems Services and let’s help your business grow.

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