The makings of a great Digital Experience

The makings of a great digital experience

Speed, convenience, cost – what makes a great digital experience?
Once a mere buzzword, the question is no longer ‘if’ but ‘how’, and the goal is to stand out from the bunch.


The world is going digital, and the speed got supersonic since COVID. From school lessons and office work to physical exercise and doctors’ appointments – more aspects of people’s daily social and professional lives are moving digital.  Because of that, providing an excellent digital experience is a top priority for any savvy manager.

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What is a Digital Experience?

Digital experience is the complete set of interactions between a customer and an organisation, made possible via digital technologies. It includes all contact the first time a customer visits an e-commerce all the way through to that much-desired checkout button. These interactions, all part of the consumer journey, determine the satisfaction of your customer and are a major part of why they become loyal to a business.

What is a Digital Experience


A planned, customized and omnichannel digital strategy is essential to stand out from the bunch—especially for e-commerce. But, although digital technologies are the vehicle, a digital experience strategy is as much about IT as it is about your customers’ needs.

What are the benefits for businesses?

These are the major advantages of a customer-driven digital experience:

Customers will remember you

A digital experience is all about how your business presents itself to customers and clients. A pleasant image, a powerful presence, and a reliable voice are a proven path to resonate with customers. The more you affect them, the more difficult your brand is to forget.

Conversions get easier.

There are many conversion best-practices popping up every day. Still, the one everyone seems to agree on? Word-of-mouth. Yes, that same technique that has been shaping humanity for thousands of years is still a powerful driving force. A great digital experience is the first step towards achieving that. Here’s our guide to growth hacking, that lists some of the ways we’ve helped companies grow.

Build a loyal customer base

In 2018, 50% of customers said that their experience was influential in their decision to purchase (or not purchase) a product or service. In fact, companies that value customer service see additional revenue growth of 4% to 8%. T

If a digital experience is so good that your customers not only remember you but also talk about you, then they will certainly come back. Again and again.

Evidently, to reap the benefits of a great digital experience, you also need to sow the seeds.

How to achieve an excellent customer-driven digital experience?

To achieve an excellent digital experience, your teams need to collaborate as a whole.

Focus on inclusivity

With the world going digital, your business can virtually reach any corner of the world, so the digital experience needs to be inclusive. Having a diverse team (or teams) working on your digital experience strategy will amplify its outreach. With customers from all over the world, at Near Partner, we understand the importance of a diverse, multi-background team. This is one reason our recruitment process values people with a unique background and skill set.

Keep a 360º view

To create a great digital experience, you need to know your customers. And to know your customers, you need to understand their behavior – why they do what they do, at scale. Powerful tools like Salesforce Customer 360 can provide your business with a holistic view of your customers, which is an absolute necessity for creating a customer-centric experience.

Stay consistent across channels

A great digital experience is omnichannel-consistent. The channels of interaction can’t be siloed. Instead, information should flow seamlessly between devices, from the first touch point to the very last one.

Stay on top of the latest digital trends

Innovation should happen at the speed of technological change. And this obviously means taking some risks instead of playing it safe by sticking with tried-and-true strategies. Many of the disruptive technologies that were once reserved for big players, like AI and VR, are now within everyone’s reach. Isn’t the future brilliant? We’ve recently published some of the latest app development trends for 2021 and beyond, which can help companies navigate these challenging times.


Any excellent strategy starts with choosing the right partners

At Near Partner we work with organizations all over the world to create and streamline unique digital experiences. With our IT and project management expertise, we can provide solutions to the most complex and demanding issues.

We are problem solvers- Near Partner

Looking to create an excellent customer-driven digital experience? Tell us your vision and we will work together to make it happen. Not sure what the next step is in bringing your business to the next level? Get in touch and let us brainstorm with you to find the right path for your business.

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