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10 Business Intelligence Tools to Help Your Business Excel

Here to beat the pace of all companies out there with the latest business intelligence tools?
Then use these best 10 business intelligence tools to help your business excel!

There’s no doubt about it: Business intelligence (BI) is quickly moving to the top of the priority list for organizations across the world. It started off as a niche but has quickly become the norm for even small-time companies. With so many businesses intelligence tools out there, it can be hard to make a decision on which one is right for you. But don’t fret, because we have done the work for you!

Use these 10 business intelligence tools to get the best results

BI tools broadly fall into two camps: data visualization and data analysis. In this perfect essay brief, we’ll briefly explain both types of tools, along with 10 of our favorites.

1.    Alteryx

This software is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools in today’s market. It allows you to use highly complex algorithms to manipulate data faster than ever before.

A drag-and-drop interface makes it easy even for those who don’t consider themselves computer savvy. Users can create their own unique reports by dragging and dropping data points into a visual interface, then sharing these reports with other users.

In addition, it can handle large amounts of data quickly, which allows users to search huge blocks of information quickly and easily. Meanwhile, helping you make decisions much more quickly than before.

2.    Tableau

Tableau is one such BI tool, and it’s particularly useful for those who want to be able to use visual analytics. It’s a self-service tool that is easy to use. It has a large community of users who contribute to the online community.

This means there are many pre-made dashboards available for users to modify. They can even build their own from scratch as needed. The only drawback is that Tableau’s learning curve is steep, so users need some training before using it effectively.

3.    SAS

SAS is another of the most common Business Intelligence tools today. This is a software program designed to be used on personal computers and tablets rather than large servers like some other tools.

SAS allows users to analyze vast amounts of data in different ways, making it one of the most powerful tools available today. Though it can be difficult to use for those who are not experienced with software or computers.

4.    Power BI

Power BI is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market. It allows you to gather data from multiple sources including internal databases, Microsoft Office documents, and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

Power BI also allows you to analyze your business trends through different metrics like profit/loss, revenue/expense, and gross margin.

It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you create interactive graphs and dashboards which can be connected to Excel.

It also provides you with customizable reports and insights. You can see your business from a new perspective and make better decisions based on current trends to improve your business performance in the future.

5.    MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is popular in a variety of different industries, including government and military intelligence, energy services firms, pharmaceutical companies, and even state tourism agencies.

It is a powerful tool that can help businesses with big data analysis. It provides everything you need to build reports with advanced features like drill-downs, pivot tables, and cross-tabs.

This tool can provide insights into complex company operations. It will also help you develop a clearer picture of your customers’ needs and interests to better tailor your product offerings—all from one central location.

6.    Birst

Birst is a platform that provides support for any PostgreSQL database, giving users access to real-time business data and analytics.

Birst is ideal for large enterprises that need to consolidate information from multiple sources; it will also integrate with some of your existing IT infrastructures such as BI tools, CRM systems, and ERP platforms.

7.    Pentaho

Pentaho is an open-source business intelligence tool. It offers users the ability to create custom reports based on existing data using drag-and-drop tools and little knowledge of programming languages.

Pentaho’s interface makes it easy to share data across your organization. It can ultimately help contribute to increased productivity across all departments.

This software is great for people who are new to business intelligence applications but want to see instant results in their data analysis efforts.

8.    Tidemark

Tidemark is a cloud-based platform that gives you access to over 1,000 sources of data. It is to analyze your company’s performance against industry benchmarks, competitors, and more.

Tidemark is a tool that gives businesses advanced visibility into their financial data. It lets them see the most important metrics in real-time. This means they can make smart decisions faster than ever before.

It offers more than just a single metric, too—it combines information from all areas of the business. After that, you can understand overall performance in context.

This means you can see how different parts of your business impact each other, which helps you catch problems quickly and keep them from getting worse. And it’s all done through an elegant, easy-to-use interface.

9.    Tibco Spotfire

You can easily visualize data from your organization through interactive charts, dashboards, and more. Spotfire is easy to use, with built-in analytics for common types of data like financials, customer behavior, and even text mining.

The software also includes a variety of pre-built components in addition to analytic capabilities such as soft tissue identification, drug safety scoring, and signal transduction modeling. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a way to easily visualize and explore their data without breaking through the bank.

10. Cognos

Cognos is another type of BI tool that’s meant for large corporations with complex needs. This powerful product from IBM is designed to give you the most control over your data possible. It works well for companies with multiple departments and strong internal organizational needs.


As a company’s data grows, so too does the need to properly analyze and understand it. Business Intelligence tools help companies see past the walls of numbers they live behind.

They are also helping identify opportunities and trends that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

If a company is to truly succeed in today’s hyper-connected world, they need to be able to quickly adapt to changing markets and conditions. That’s why it’s vital that they have access to insight in real-time. With these 10 Business Intelligence tools, your company will be able to gain valuable visibility into your business operations, no matter how big or complex.

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