All you need to know about Salesforce Billing

Is your billing software lacking? Get to know Salesforce Billing, a complete solution that
integrates easily with your CMR, EPR and CPQ.

Salesforce is an entire universe of tools for businesses. One of those is Salesforce Billing, a comprehensive solution for invoicing, accepting payments, managing revenue and just about everything related to… that’s right, billing. You can get it on its own, or as an add-on package to Salesforce CPQ. But is it really worth it? What will we focus on:

What is Salesforce Billing?

Salesforce Billing is an invoicing, payments, and revenue platform. It improves service delivery and payment experience for customers and, internally, perfects the communication and collaboration between finance, sales, and other departments. This solution is a part of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.


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The platform supplies a complete and neat way to bill your customers. In essence, these are the points Salesforce Billing will streamline for you:

  • configure product catalogues and prices.
  • create different combinations of one-time fees, recurring fees, and usage-based billing.
  • implement complex billing & tax rules.
  • keep track of billing cycles and subscription policies for different customers.
  • invoice an order and manage its balances through credit and debit notes.
  • store and automate payments through different integrations.
  • generate insights and inputs based on customer and sales data.

What can Salesforce Billing do for your business?

It is a powerful tool for business of every size. This is what companies can do with it.

Accurate, error-free, reliable billing

Salesforce Billing reduces the chances of human error by automating the process. It also lets you pre-configure rules that can be set-up to avoid mistakes.

Speed up your payment collection and improve cash flow

Accurate and fast billing leads to quicker invoicing. This, in turn, will also streamline payment collection, making the overall process smoother. In the end, the big win is an improved cash flow.

Simple billing for Subscription and usage-based products

Managing renewals, upgrades, prorations, add-ons, trial periods, one-time setup fees, or other subscription modalities is now easier since Salesforce billing manages these complex requirements.

Flexible billing arrangements for customers

Salesforce Billing allows to connect with a dozen of payment processing apps via AppExchange, expanding the number of billing options available to your payment processor. This will effectively eliminate payment-related conflicts and better cater to your customers’ needs.

Improved sales performance

Salesforce is big on AI. Salesforce Billing is programmed to communicate swiftly with the Salesforce AI engine, allowing you to predict more precisely monthly revenues, annual contracts, forecast cash flow, and measure financial KPIs, all with a sprinkle of data analytics. This, in turn, will boost sales.

Create powerful revenue recognition systems

Another perk of Salesforce Billing is the ability to generate data reports that will allow management to understand and find patterns in customers – from  customer behaviours to product profitability. By recognising patterns and trends, Salesforce will give you the info you need to make plans and investments. Have you heard about Business Intelligence?

Strengthened Customer Relationships

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it gain. Customers like reliability. Customers who trust a business become repeating clients. Repeating customers are the backbone of a successful business. So, make sure to create strong relationships between your brand and your customers. Salesforce billing makes this easier, since it automatically connects billing records to Salesforce profiles, giving you a holistic, 360-view of your customers.

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Salesforce Billing + CPQ = match made in business heaven

The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is another Salesforce tool that will drastically improve how your sales team goes from quote to cash. If you haven’t heard about it, you can learn more here. In fact, Salesforce billing is an add-on package of Salesforce CPQ, so having both working together makes selling and billing an all-in-one streamlined process.

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It will allow you to personalise customer service. If you need to supply personalised quotes to different customers, be it based on individuals, discounts, adjustments to purchases, your sales reps can quickly and painlessly create quotes in real time.

When connecting not only CPQ and Salesforce billing but also your CMR, the pricing data will be fed to the entire system, allowing your company to have control over the customer data, streamlining the sales process.

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Near Partner, streamlining sales

Successful sales and revenue are not only about sales teams, sales methods or even about the perfect product. Optimising sales involves having a robust, error-free and easily adaptable system, that allows you to get reports and records of all sales, from quote to billing.

At Near Partner, we have the knowledge and the methods, and coupled with your business ideas and plans, we can help you implement the best practices to deliver Salesforce-powered success. That is because our great team has not only CPQ, Billing and CMR experience, but also ongoing Salesforce training and learning – ever heard of Salesforce developers?. Contact us about our Salesforce services and let us know your business’ needs.

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