AI for App Development: 7 Transformative Use Cases

AI is leaving its mark across all industries, and it’s no different for app development.
This is how developers can use AI for App Development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the tech world by storm. A survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2021 revealed that 31.9% of developers worldwide considered AI and machine learning (ML) as the most exciting technologies to work with. Fast forward to 2023, and the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey shows 70% of developers are using or planning to use AI and ML in their applications.

Global artificial intelligence (AI) software market size; Source: Precedence Research


From coding to user identity verification, the implications of AI for app development are world shattering – and we are just scratching the surface. Check out 7 use cases of AI for app development.

AI for App Development Use Cases

We all know AI can make development faster, easier, and more personalised. But how exactly? These are 7 of the most exciting use cases so far.

  1. User Identity Verification

One of the critical aspects of app development is security – ever heard of DevSecOps? – namely secure user identity verification. AI-powered facial recognition and biometric authentication systems have become the standard in enhancing security while also providing a seamless user experience. Using user identity verification AI for app development allows users to safely and easily login using facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint readings, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  1. Code Generation and Optimisation

AI for app development can also be used for generating optimised code and optimising existing software. This application of AI allows devs to automate tasks – such as creating similar snippets of code over and over – allowing them to save time and effort and focus on more creative and complex aspects of app development, accelerating the overall process.

  1. NLP for Enhanced App-User Interaction

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has revolutionised app-user interactions within apps. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are now smarter and more able to provide personalised assistance, answer queries and guide users through app functionalities with a nicer, human-like conversational tone. Additionally, NPL can be integrated in app code much, with many programming languages having NPL libraries, frameworks, and toolkits, ready to use.

  1. Automated Bug Detection and Resolution

Detecting and fixing bugs is a time-consuming and, frankly, quite a frustrating aspect of app development. New AI-enabled automated tools can streamline this process by testing and analysing code, identifying potential bugs, and suggesting solutions before the actual bug even happens. The obvious consequence for app development is faster development timelines, with less time wasted going through lines of code looking for a tiny but important bug.

  1. Auto-Scaling and Resource Management

AI and ML can optimise app performance by scaling resources based on use patterns and by predicting workloads. AI-powered tools can assign more or less CPU and memory resources to a node, or start or stop additional application instances. This feature ensures the app remains responsive and performs well, even under varying loads. Ever heard of progressive web apps?

  1. UI/UX Microsegmentation

AI-powered design tools can create or suggest layouts, colour schemes, and visual elements based on user preferences. This helps developers design apps and create layouts that are more interesting, more appealing, and easier to navigate, optimising and enhancing the overall user experience. There are already a number of popular tools that use UX/UI AI for app development.

  1. Personalized Content Recommendations

Developers can also take advantage of AI for app development to suggest bespoke content recommendation. By analysing user interests and past interactions, apps can suggest content, products, or services enhancing user engagement. A high level of personalisation can increase user satisfaction and app usage.

Will AI for app development render developers useless?

Very short answer: no. Longer answer, still no. While AI-generated code is still not comparable to a full human developer, or even a team of developers, it is now possible to find some AI tools that are able to generate code from simple, ordinary language – a language-to-code translator of sorts. However, putting that code together to build a usable product (still) requires a seasoned human developer.

The quality of the AI-generated code relies on the capabilities of the underlying AI model. One of the largest, or possibly the largest, language models ever created, GPT-3, already handles a wide range of programming languages and generates various snippets of code. It saves time, automates repetitive tasks, and frees humans to create smart apps, and focus on more intricate aspects of app development. Its accuracy and ability to handle complex programming tasks, however, still have limitations. As AI technology continues to advance, code generation from natural language prompts is likely to become more sophisticated and accurate.

Leverage AI for app development with the best advice

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