Salesforce eCommerce 101: everything you need to know

In a digital world, consumers demand seamless eCommerce experiences.  
And if consumers ask, Salesforce eCommerce delivers. 

The past year saw 21.4 billion purchases of goods or services online from 26 million eCommerce websites globally. And according to Nasdaq, 95% of the purchases worldwide will be facilitated by eCommerce by 2040. The writing is on the wall: eCommerce is becoming the default setting for consumer shopping. What are we going to address?

As a result, not having an eCommerce or having a poorly setup one can hinder sales, brand identity and customer loyalty. It is vital to offer seamless and intuitive omnichannel shopping experiences to customers. In other words, it is time to try the Salesforce eCommerce solution. 

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What is Salesforce eCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

Salesforce offers an eCommerce solution, integrated in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud that allows you to scale your business, create smart experiences for customers, and, ultimately, make your eCommerce grow.  

Unified Digital Experience Platform Source: Salesforce

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce platform from Salesforce that includes Salesforce B2C Commerce and Salesforce B2B Commerce, as well as a direct-to-consumer (D2C) option and a B2B2C solution. The Commerce Cloud enables businesses to create and manage an eCommerce from scratch, from responsive websites to the finest details, such as complex shipping or inventory tracking. 

What are the features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud? 

The Commerce Cloud offers a plethora of tools, frameworks, and features to make your vision come to life. Here are the main features Salesforce Commerce Cloud has to offer. 

Commerce Cloud Digital

The Commerce Cloud Digital allows you to create fully responsive eCommerce websites, which are present across channels aimed at an extended target audience, with optimised search options, secure mobile payments, among others. 

Storefront Reference Architecture

The SFRA is an out-of-the-box equipment with best-in-class tools that make the launch of a professional website quick and easy. In SFRA there are pre-designed wireframes, embedded digital innovative technologies, and valued integrations that allow you to customise your website to your vision, and maintain it successfully.  

Endless Aisle

This feature allows you to pre-order, create wishlists, and be alerted when a product is back in stock. Team members have access to the customer database and information about online inventory. Also, Endless Aisle presents exclusive offers in the online shop, reducing lost sales.  

Commerce Portals

 Commerce portals, such as account portals or loyalty programs are a great way to create loyalty with your customers. You can build long-term relationships by delivering relevant content via communities and social media.  

Order Management

One way to guarantee satisfied customers is to make ordering as swift as possible, including automated payments, easy returns, and cancellations, and a 360º overview of the process.  

Intuitive Platform

The Salesforce eCommerce platform provides templates, developer tools, and commerce APIs to create eCommerce websites, with no coding skills required. It also allows you to connect all data across channels and platforms and receive powerful insights about customer experiences and habits. 

Unified commerce

With this feature, customers can move swiftly and seamlessly through channels. This is a more customer-centric model that provides freedom and flexibility and contributes to a stellar customer experience. 

What can Salesforce eCommerce offer your business? 

Salesforce eCommerce has an array of benefits for businesses of all sizes, from predictive insights to clear growth hacking strategies. These are the main ones.  

Predictive intelligence  

The Salesforce commerce cloud comes with Einstein AI. Einstein paired with Salesforce eCommerce can tailor specific product recommendations for customers, automate manual tasks, get data about shoppers, reduce cart abandonment, and add search-words and new related terms to the website database with Einstein Search Dictionaries. Did someone say data analytics? 

Personalised customer experiences 

Think intelligence-driven experiences on all devices and channels, inventory records management, customized digital storefronts and mobile apps, smart and personalised recommendations at checkout, custom content, or customer habits analysis. 

Unified shopping experiences 

With Salesforce commerce, all digital and physical channels are in contact, in order to create a cohesive customer journey and give retailers a comprehensive picture of their behaviour and habits. 

No-hiccups scalability 

Salesforce eCommerce can handle high transaction volumes, continuous high traffic and even traffic spikes, as well as mass amounts of inventory. Salesforce eCommerce scales as businesses expand and change. 

Seamless management of multiple shops 

The Commerce Cloud enables organizations to manage multiple storefronts or brands from a single platform, including different websites for different countries, currency conversion, language translations, and more. 

Comprehensive support 

Businesses have 24/7 support resources via Trailblazer and Help Portal, advisory services such as Commerce Architects and Readiness Assessment, and adoption programs like webinars, Circles of Success, and Accelerators. 

Salesforce cloud suite  

Being part of the Salesforce family opens the doors to a full range of related CRM and marketing SaaS services, that can integrate with your Salesforce eCommerce solution. Do you know about Salesforce CPQ? What about the Salesforce Health Cloud? Like we said, a family. 

Product roadmap  

Salesforce eCommerce customers benefit from the Salesforce-created Commerce Cloud roadmap. It will guide you towards success, via the best-practices, calculated with the help of AI and predictive intelligence. 

Growth strategies 

The Salesforce eCommerce solution helps identify industry trends and benchmarks, increase customer conversion rates, use content marketing to drive traffic to the online shop or website, reduce abandoned carts via retargeting campaigns, streamline checkouts, automate upselling and cross-selling, offer responsive design, and many others. The endpoint? Growth, always – psst, take a peek into our guide for growth hacking. 

Salesforce eCommerce + Marketing Cloud: a match made in heaven 

Being a part of the Salesforce family is a huge plus because you can take advantage of the powerful CMR solutions offered by Salesforce – and they will integrate perfectly with whatever Salesforce solution.  

Salesforce eCommerce offers robust out of the box marketing tools that help both businesses and customers. Businesses can create, manage, and share optimized content across channels to help customers make educated buying decisions and find the right products. It can help run promotions, manage social media, launch successful email, social media, and paid advertising campaigns, and increase conversions and sales. 

But why do you need the Marketing Cloud, then?  

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that gives you a holistic 360-degree view of your customers and their journeys. By integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can: 

  • Set up predictive replenishment campaigns  
  • Track anonymous and known site visitors 
  • Trigger campaigns based on onsite behaviour 
  • Power automated shopping cart recovery campaigns
  • Use Journey Builder to create journeys in minutes instead of days  
  • Personalize customer engagement 
  • Drive product searches, recommendations, and suggestions via Einstein AI
  • Manage and optimize marketing campaigns  

And way more… Read more about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how it can help your business. 

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